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Laboratory of Applied Computing

Prof. Matej Daniel, Ph.D.



Prof. Matej Daniel, Ph.D., Ing. Lukáš Zach Ph.D., Miloslav Vilímek, , Petr Tichý Ph.D., Tomáš Goldmann PhD


The Laboratory of Applied Computations (LAC) works within the Laboratory of Biomechanics, which is a part of CTU in Prague, Faculty of Engineering. The laboratory is equipped with first-rate hardware and software so that it is possible to perform difficult computational analyses using he Finite Element Method FEM (Abaqus, Ansys). We perform static, dynamic, or thermal computations for constructions or individual components. In terms of these computations we are able to determine deformations, rate of tension, evaluate critical places, etc. In our laboratory, we also perform motion simulations and analyses (SIM) where we detect the kinematic quantities and force impact of the working part of locomotive system and its replacements.

Furthermore, there are available modern methods of designing machine parts and equipment using CAD technologies (Unigraphics, ProEngineer). The laboratory staff work together with engineering, biomedicine, automotive and aviation industries. In cooperation with external companies working in medical and biomedical industries, but also directly with doctors, we develop medical devices, gauging equipment, orthopedic devices, and especially implants and joint prostheses. The results of simulation analyses are also successfully used for sports and therapeutic applications.

ABAQUS 69, ANSYS 11., TrueGrid®, SIM, Unigraphics, AutoCAD, AMIRA, Mimics 12.2, Intel Fortran Compilator 11.1, IMSL Fortran Numerical Library 6.0

2x server server HP ProLiant DL785 G5; 8 processors AMD Opteron 8378; 64 GB RAM; 1 TB server resources
2x 64-bit server Opteron; 4 processors AMD 848; 16GB RAM


Medin, a.s.; Medin Orthopaedics, a.s.; Beznoska, s.r.o.; ELLA-CS, s.r.o.; Saint-Gobain Advanced Ceramics; LASAK, s.r.o.; ProSpon, spol. s.r.o.; Erilens, s.r.o.; HVM Plasma,spol. s.r.o.; DUO CZ, s.r.o.; LETOV Letecká výroba, s.r.o.; Videris, s.r.o.

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