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Musculoskeletal system and artificial replacements

Development of artificial disc replacement

Project description:

Results of the artificial disc replacement FEM analyses of the silicone core in flexion 14°, extension 5°, lateral bending 6°, axial rotation 3°.

Dependence of the flexural moment [Nm] on angle [°] in flexion and extension

prototype ADR

Mechanical tests on the testing machine MTS 858. 2 Mini bionix

Back pain and spine surroundings do not have uniform cause, induce pain can all tissues in spine and surroundings. If there is not simultaneously affected also the nervous tissue, these difficulties are not so dangerous and it is possible to use conservative treatment. Simultaneous affection of the nervous tissues is much more serious. Surgical treatment is indicated everywhere, where degenerative changes lead to stenosis of the spinal canal and intervertebral foramen and where the spinal cord or spinal root compression occur. Currently spinal surgery mostly solves these situations by vertebral body fusion (remove the damage disc, restoration of the space between the vertebras and the originally movable parts grow together). That results in load distribution changes in the spine, which influence adjacent segments. Afterwards these segments have expectations to further degenerative changes. Alternate solution is total intervertebral disc replacement that restores physiological moveability of the spine. Presently in spinal surgery exist only several surgical implants; however they have still some limitations

  • no elastic core
  • unconstrained movement
  • fixed centre of rotation

This work principal motivation is resolution of this problem by newly designed movable total intervertebral disc replacement that would ensure natural possibility of the motion, enclose the distance between adjacent vertebraes and simultaneously will be flexible with movable centre of rotation. For created spinal replacement engineering design, including material determination and experimental verification theirs use availability, was created FEM model and the computational analyses of the mechanical properties and moveability were effected, was made prototype and currently proceed mechanical tests on the testing machine MTS 858. 2 Mini bionix, which is equipped with the special spinal simulator with 8 degrees of freedom (3 translations, 5 rotations).

Petr Tichý Ph.D.


ELLA CS, The Faculty Hospital Na Bulovce




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