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Development of innovative biotribological medium for boundary lubrication restoration

Project description:

Project utilizes knowledge, skills and equipment of investigators from orthopaedics and traumatology (2LF UK) , and biomechanics and biotribology ( CTU in Prague) to create a new generation of composite means for biotribological treatment. The project is based on previous experience of researchers in the field of friction in synovial joint research, that identified the key role of amphiphilic structures in boundary lubrication. Interdisciplinary team created in the framework of the proposed project will conduct comprehensive development of medical devices based on preparation of new amphiphilic products, testing and verification of their biotribological properties in short-term and long-term experiments with considerationing the form of clinical application. The project outcome will be a mean for treating diseases of the synovial joints that has potential to reduce boundary friction in synovial joints and periarticular structures in fundamentally different way.

Prof. Matej Daniel, Ph.D. Josef Šepitka Ph.D.