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Conference Human Biomechanics 2023

Česká společnost pro biomechaniku Vás zve na další ročník tradiční konference HUMAN BIOMECHANICS. Konference se koná ve dnech 26. až 28. 6. 2023 v Hotelu PORT na Máchově Jezeře.

Award of prof. Valenty and prof. Čiháka for year 2019

New deadline: September 15, 2020.

Award of prof. Valenta and prof. Čihák for year 2019

Endowment fund for human biomechanics with Czech Society of Biomechanics announce the next round of the competition for Award of prof. Valenta and prof. Čihák for year 2019 for the best diploma and doctoral thesis in the area of biomechanics, defended in the year 2019/2020.

The Laboratory of Biomechanics

The Laboratory of Biomechanics is located at the Czech Technical University in Prague, in the Department of Mechanics, Biomechanics and Mechatronics. The research objective of the Laboratory of Biomechanics is to further our understanding of the mechanical characteristics of human movement, to describe the material properties of biological tissues (soft and hard), to improve our understanding of the cardiovascular system, and especially to apply the principles of mechanical engineering to the design, analysis and development of artificial joint replacements. Our main research topics are:

  • Biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system, and the design of replacements
  • Biomechanics of the cardiovascular system and the design of replacements
  • Research on tissues and body structures
  • Biomaterials engineering

The laboratory is equipped with an MTS 858.2 MINI BIONIX testing system, high quality software and hardware equipment for numerical analyses (FEM or motion analyses), an experimental set-up simulating the body blood circuit with a SuperPump pulsator controlled by computer, additive technologies FDM and PolyJet, nanoindentation system Hysitron TI 950 TriboIndenterTM, and with biaxial tensile testing machine Zwick/Roell which is necessary for experimental constitutive description of anisotropic materials like soft tissues and some kinds of elastomers (for detailed information see Working places).

In research projects, we cooperate with medical doctors, hospitals and especially with commercial companies.

We invite incoming cooperation with other local or international individuals and organisations interested in biomechanics or medicine.

The director of the Laboratory of Biomechanics is doc. Ing. Radek Sedláček, Ph.D.