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Musculoskeletal system and artificial replacements

Long Bone Reconstruction and Periprosthetic Fractures Using the Osteosynthesis Materials and the Operation Procedures - Trauma I

Project description:

The proposed project solves in a complex way the relevant questions of long bone fractures. The merits of the project is to propose the new implants and instrumentaria and to determine the optimum conditions for their proposal in regard of human organism anatomy and bone properties, using of possible processing and surface finishings of construction materials, optimizing of operation methods to reduce the patient and surgeon stress. The research and development are interdisciplinary in combination with the experimental preclinical testing including the computer models using to verify the developed implant properties.

Ing. Radek Sedláček, Ph.D.Ing. Pavel Růžička, Ph.D. Miloslav Vilímek,


Medin a.s.