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Medical and health applications

High Performance Radiolucent Composite Materials Providing High Resistance against Sterilization Decomposition, for use in Medicine

Project description:

High performance radiolucent composite materials for use in medicine, providing suitable mechanical properties and high resistance against sterilization decomposition, are prepared. The composites are composed of carbon, aramide or glass fabrics embedded in polydimethylsiloxane or polyphenylene sulfide matrix. The desired mechanical properties and dimensional stability are optimized by adjusting the structure of the composites. The fatigue properties, stiffness and strength characteristics, and abrasion resistance are determined. The effect of multiple sterilization processes on the degradation of mechanical properties, dimensional stability, structural integrity and hydrolytic decomposition are verified, as well as the radiolucency of the composites and their constituents. The ability to be formed by widely-used manufacturing processes and the influence of these processes on the mechanical behavior of the composites, namely fatigue properties and structural integrity, are tested. A study is made of the effect of the composite materials, as well as their individual components, on cytotoxicity (in vitro tests).

Petr Tichý Ph.D.Ing. Radek Sedláček, Ph.D. Tomáš Suchý , Ph.D.


Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics, ASCR, v.v.i., Letov, Ltd., Medin, Inc.