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An Experimental Assessment of Human Lumbar Vertebras Mobility

Project description:

Laterolateral movement of lumbal vertebras.

The purpose of this project is to find out mobility of lumbar vertebras for optimization of spine replacements design.

For the assessment of movement was skiagraphy method used. The inspected was vertebrae L5, L4 and L3. A recording frame rate was 6, 9 and 12 frames per second. An investigated movement of experimental man was walking, running and bending in lumbar part of spinal column. All movement was record in frontal and sagittal plane. For walking and running was treadmill used. From each RTG frame was significant points of body and process detected. From thus acquired data about movement was computed velocity and accelerations of investigated vertebrae.

The obtained movement is small, but for spine replacements design and precise function development is very necessary. Due obtained data from bending of spine have been determined utmost positions. Conclusions: In this manner obtained data about movement of lumbar spine are used as a part of input data for development of new spine replacements, for example intervertebral disc with a rigidity control.

Petr Tichý Ph.D. Miloslav Vilímek,