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Musculoskeletal system and artificial replacements

Revision Endoprosthesis of Acetabulum - FEM Analyses of the augmented replacement.

Project description:


Contact pressures on augmentation for 3000 N

Revision operations represents at the moment up to eight procent of a number of implantations of hip joint replacement. These are the augmentations which serves as a support for fixation of the endoprosthesis in a pelvis in a hugly complicated revision operations.

Taking into account the augmentations are intensly developed worldwidewe offered three material solutions of the augmented revision endoprostheses of the hip joint:

  • compact Ti6Al4V;
  • trabecular Ti6Al4V;
  • PEEK.

Though all three types are satisfactory regarding the strength of the material, as a potentialy interesting seems to be the augmentation made of trabecular Ti alloy which will undergo furter development.


Ing. Pavel Růžička, Ph.D.Ing. Lukáš Zach Ph.D.


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