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The use of nonatigen fish collagen in construction of implants and as drug carriers

Project description:

For decades, collagen has frequently been used in medicine. The most typical one is bovine collagen that carries known issues such as antigenicity, allergenicity and zoonoses transmission. According to rather limited published data fish collagen seems as a promising alternative. It is believed to be low antigenic, non-allergenic and biologically safer. Further, it likely exhibits depotization effect on drugs, i.e. allows for controlled drug release. The project aim is to systemically, experimentally evaluate chemical, biological, physical and technological properties of select fish collagens, specifically with the respect to its potential use in implants and as a drug carrier. Based on the information gained and vast experience of established interdisciplinary research team in vascular prosthesis design, the novel, safer, nonallergic collagen-treated prosthesis with the capability of predictable drug release will be developed. Other collagen products such as foams and wound dressings will be tested. Significant impact on several areas of biomedical industry is expected.

Hynek Chlup Josef Šepitka Ph.D.