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Wear of thumb joint replacement

Project description:

Thumb joint replacement consists of contact pair of small ball - small spherical hole from Co-Cr-Mo alloy ot Ti alloy with thin DLC layer. Materials, loading process (normal force) may be altered. The wear is evaluated using accurate scanner (RedLux). Biological compatibility (cytotoxicity) of wear particles is evaluated in cooperation with Institute of Physiology AS CR. Lubrican samples are taken after a certain time increments. Lubricant samples are assumed to contain wear particles (mainly from DLC). Measureing system xCELLigence (Roche) in the Institute of Physiology AS CR evaluates amount of living cells which proliferate (or not) in lubricant samples. On the basis on this method, toxicity of the replacement during its lifetime may be estimated.

Ing. Jakub Kronek Ph.D.



Medin Orthopaedic



HVM Plasma


Institute of Physiology AS CR