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Endowment fund for human biomechanics

Logo of the endowment fund

The endowment fund was formed in 1999 by endowment transformation founded by the CTU in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Czechoslovak Society of Biomechanics.

Address: Technická 4, 166 07 Prague 6


Mission of the endowment fund is support of:

  • projects of basic research of biomechanics;
  • practical training experience for students, teachers and experts at our and foreign workplaces;
  • participation of the experts in the field of biomechanics in the national and international conferences;
  • increase in foreknowledge and education of the experts in the field of biomechanics;
  • publication activity of research workers.
Main authority of Endowment fund for human biomechanics is Prof. Ing. Svatava Konvičková, CSc.

The Annual Activity Reports of the endowment fund are available in the Public Register (

The endowment fund announces annually competition for young scientists and students under the age of 35 years for doctoral thesis that brings progress in biomechanics, entitled:

"Prize of prof. Valenta a prof. Čihák"

The winner receives a reward of 15 000 CZK.


  • age under 35
  • doctoral thesis focused on biomechanics

The admission to the competition can be only once.

Each competitor has to send these documents in PDF format by the deadline to the e-mail addresses and

  • the dissertation
  • curriculum vitae
  • publication list