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Musculoskeletal system and artificial replacements

Quantitative anatomy of musculoskeletal system - patient-specific musculoskeletal model

Project description:

3D reconstruction of bony structures from CT images

Flow diagram of computer system

Back muscles - front view

Muscle model of hand

Muscle model of hip joint

The computer system for quantitative determination of musculoskeletal geometry from computer tomography (CT) images has been developed. The computer system processes series of CT images to obtain three-dimensional (3D) model of bony structures where the effective muscle fibres can be interactively defined. Presented computer system has flexible modular structure and is suitable also for educational purposes. System has been used to construct patient-specific model of the hip, spine and hand.

Prof. Matej Daniel, Ph.D.



University of Ljubljana. Faculty of Electrical Engineering




Daniel M, Iglic A, Kralj-Iglic V, Konvicková S. Computer system for definition of the quantitative geometry of musculature from CT images. Comput Methods Biomech Biomed Engin. 2005 Feb;8(1):25-9.