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Nitrogen doped titanium materials: A study of temperature-dependent doping in radiation-damaged matrix

Project description:

Nitrogen-doped titanium materials will be prepared by ion implantation in combination with heat treatment. The requirements for increasing wear resistance and corrosion resistance will be solved by heat treatment during ion implantation. The goal is maximum ion transport, high mobility of ions and vacancies and high quantity of TiN with the perspective of general application of titanium materials processed by the advanced processes using accelerated ions. Heat treatment during implantation and after implantation helps clarify its effect on the structure, atomic reactivity, mobility of ions and vacancies and on application properties. The relation between the initial microstructure, texture and implantation condition on nitrogen depth distribution and stoichiometry of nitrides that affect surface properties will be studied. The surfaces will be characterized by X-rays, spectrochemically, electrochemically and tribomechanicly depending on the standard analytical and imaging methods.

Josef Šepitka Ph.D.