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Experimental equipment

Pressure transducers

Project description:

Laboratory of Cardiovascular Biomechanics is equipped with several types of pressure transducers. They are used within experimental simulations of pressure pulse wave propagation, local energetical losses, static inflation-extension tests and in experimental balloon angioplasty and stent expansion. 


Producer Range Model pieces

Cressto 0-10 kPa KTS 418 2
Cressto 0-25 kPa KTS 438 32
Cressto 0-200 kPa KTS 528 2
Cressto 0-500 kPa KTS 558 1
Cressto 0-2.5 MPa 1

Kulite 0-100 kPa XTL-123B-190M 1
Kulite 0-500 kPa XTL-123B-190M 1


Homepage of Cressto KTS serie.

Kulite XTL-123B data sheet.


Contact person Ing. Hynek Chlup.

Hynek Chlup