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Experimental equipment

Laser position sensors micro-epsilon 2200-50/100

Project description:

optoNCDT 2200 

Similarly to the line laser scanner micro-epsilon scanCONTROL 2800 a principle is based on optical triangulation.


Technical data 50/100


Measurement range        50/100 mm
Start of measuring range 45/70 mm
Reference distance 70/120 mm
Resolution (at 10 kHz) 0.8/1.5 um
Maximum frame rate 10         kHz
Operating temperature 0 - 50 °C
Sensor weight 0.5 kg
Controller weight 1 kg
Dimensions 70-70-30 mm-mm-mm w-t-h


The equipment is available in the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Biomechanics.

Contact person Ing. Hynek Chlup.


Data sheet micro-epsilon optoNCDT 2200.



Hynek Chlup