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Experimental equipment

Laser scanner ScanControl LLT 2800-25

Project description:

Princip measurement of laser scanner.

Transverse profile of the tube within the inflation test

Longitudinal profile of the tube within the inflation test.

Scan of rat brain section.

The scanCONTROL2800, 2810 sensor operates according to the principle of optical triangulation (light intersection method). A laser line is projected onto the target surface via a linear optical system.The diffusely reflected light from the laser line is replicated on a CMOS array by a high quality optical system and evaluated in two dimensions. The CMOS array is arranged in the sensor head according to the Scheimpflug condition which facilitates uniform image focusing over the whole depth measurement range (z axis).The laser line triangulation corresponds in principle to the triangulation of a laser point.In addition, during the measurement a row of lines are simultaneously illuminated by the laser line. Apart from the distance information (z axis), the exact position of each point on the laser line (z axis) is also acquired and output by the system.

Hardware and software have been adapted for our needs.

Technical data

  • Measurement range, z axis - 25 (55) mm
  • Reference distance, midrange - 75 (82.5) mm
  • Resolution z axis - 10 μm
  • Measurement range x axis – 13 to 45 mm
  • Aperture angle of the laser line - 30 °
  • Resolution x axis - 64 / 128 / 256 / 512 / 1024 points in profile
  • Resolution profile parameters – 0,05%
  • Profile frequency (profiles/second) - up to 2500 profiles/s
  • Permissible extraneous light (fluorescent lamp) - 10,000 lx
  • Operating temperature - 0...50 °C
  • Sensor dimensions (without cable), (LxWxH) mm - 109 x 64 x 44
  • Sensor weight (without cable) - 350 g
  • Sensor connecting cable, standard length – 2 m

Equipment is available in the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Biomechanice, contact person Ing. Hynek Chlup

Micro-epsilon site with scanCONTROL LLT 2800-25.