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Indentor instrument for cartilage stiffness measurement

Project description:

Indentor instrument used during surgery

Detail of the measurement pin

Indentor with aparature

Modern surgery makes possible to heal articular cartilage defects by arthroscopy, which is only small burden for the organism in comparison with previous invasive surgery. An arthroscopic device must meet many demanding criteria, which broadly implements an indentation instrument for cartilage stiffness measurement. This instrument was developed by Laboratory of Biomechanics on the CTU in cooperation with doctors from the Faculty Hospital Na Bulovce. It is an arthroscopic device used for diagnoses of cartilage harm or transplanted cartilage grafts recovery. The equipment is made from biomaterials that can withstand sterilization, and will not cause immunity reaction. Although the device is equipped with electrical sensors in a front part of the measuring device, its use in wet environment is safe. The front measuring part of a minimum size is inserted into the joint incision of one centimeter in size and is designed not to damage surrounding tissue. Dimensional and structural design of the front measuring part has been adapted to the results of the optimization analysis performed using the finite element method in the program Abaqus. The results of the analysis guaranteed the compliance of physical condition for the proper function of the device. Upon completion of construction of this device analytical results were confirmed by a number of experimental measurements.

Ing. Pavel Růžička, Ph.D.Ing. Radek Sedláček, Ph.D.


Orthopaedics clinic, TH Na Bulovce



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