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Influence of surface nanotopography on bioactive properties of low modulus titanium alloy

Project description:

Nanotopography of the biomaterial surface has a high impact on the cells adhesion and proliferation and on the subsequent healing of the implant. Surface of titanium and its alloys can be modified on nano level by so-called anodization process - resulting in ordered array of nanotubes. The objective of project will be to model cell interaction with nanostructured surfaces at various adhesion levels (from proteins to cells) in order to predict optimal geometry of nanotubes and verify it on the base of measurement of cell?s adhesion on nanostructures surface. Tuned nanostructures will be prepared on newly developed titanium beta alloy TiNbTa while nanostructured surfaces of titanium and Ti6Al4V alloy will be used as standard and control. Cell´s proliferation on modified surfaces will be tested in vitro, cell?s adhesion and mechanical properties will be quantified using Hysitron Triboindenter. The principle novelty of research is in providing insight into processes of cell/nanostructured surface interactions.

Josef Šepitka Ph.D.