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Bioinspired Nanocomposite Structures for Bone Tissue Regeneration

Project description:

An example of proposed nano composites and their elements: a) nano hydroxyapatite (20-70nm), b,c) gelatin matrix enriched by nano hydroxyapatite particles, d) nano composite based on gelatin matrix, nano hydroxyapatite and gelatin nano fibers.

Bioinspired composite materials promoting the regeneration of defective bone tissue will be prepared. Their composition imitates the real bone structure, and combines the advantages of nanofibres, macroporous gels and bioactive inorganic component. This materials is composed of organic matrix represented by relatively quickly degradable synthetic macroporous hydrogels based on methacrylates, macroporous hydrogel prepared from the natural collagen, organic fibrous component represented by collagen or polylactide nanofibre scaffolds, and inorganic CaP component. All composite types are mechanically tested. The effects of the composite materials as well as their individual components on the adhesion, growth, maturation, viability and potential immune activation of osteogenic cells are studied.

Tomáš Suchý , Ph.D.


Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics, ASCR, v.v.i., Institute of Physiology, ASCR, v.v.i., Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, ASCR, v.v.i., ELMARCO, s.r.o.



  • Suchý T, Balík K, Šupová M, Hrušková D, Sucharda Z, Černý M, Sedláček R. Bioinspired nanocomposite structures for bone tissue regeneration based on collagen, gelatin, polyamide and hydroxyapatite. Engineering of Biomaterials 2009;12(89):13-5.