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Mullins effect within cyclic loading of blood vessel walls

Project description:

Idealized Mullins effect - cyclic stress softening - primary response first-time attained strain states (red curve) vs. softened stress within unloading/reloading

The Mullins effect – True data record with abdominal aortic specimen – unloading does not match with reloading

Blood vessel walls exhibit significant stress softening within an unloading. The following loading depends on the previous maximum value of deformation. Such stress softening have been called the Mullins effect due to Leonard Mullins and his extensive research of this phenomenon observed upon cyclic loading and unloading of elastomers. The main aim of this project is to develop mathematical description which will incorporate structurally-based concepts of blood vessel wall deformation.

doc. Ing. Lukáš Horný Ph.D. Hynek Chlup


Department of Forensic Medicine 3rd Faculty of Medicine CUInstitute of Thermomechanics AS CR, vvi